Ted Talk How Photography Connects Us

Photography connects us in many ways. Photography carries a power. Sometimes you can tell a broad story in a focused way. People don’t take pictures because it looks “cool” or “pretty” it gives glimmers of hope and look for solutions. When taking a picture, it’s two different points of view. All photos tell a story, but it can also be in a separate point of view. Like the guy said he tried saving his son from him drowning and the son saw him like “what the heck, why are you take me out” and the father said “I thought I was being a hero”, this is how you know they both captured a different image.

When taking a picture, they address important topics. Like when one of the photography’s took a picture of the girl by herself while the background around her is messy and dirty. Which shows we can help out the place she lives in. Then the photo of the elephant’s horns, the people kill the elephants to just get the horns which does cost a lot of money but it’s just sad. The photograph is showing how many elephants are dying for no reason even when it’s not their time. It can spread awareness to stop killing elephants, before they go extinct.

Photography is fun. You can see how the guy had fun taking pictures of the Leopard Seal. He had a journey taking pictures of the seal and learned more about her. He ended up having a connection with the Leopard Seal, they both created a bond. In this case the guys “mission” was a Photography Journalism. Photography can make a real connection to people and can be employed as a positive agent for understanding the challenges and the opportunities facing our world, today.

Digital Collage All About Me


My collage visually represents me in many ways. I love Netflix, whenever I’m bored, I watch Netflix, the shows and movies in there are the best especially the shows. My favorite shows in there is, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, The Last Air Bender (Avatar), and many more but those are my top ones. When I’m done doing chores/homework or when I get ready, I would watch YouTube videos, especially the videos of my favorite YouTubers. There’s a camera, not just for taking pictures but for filming I love filming random videos of my life and pictures of my family for memories. There is a laptop of editing because I love editing videos especially for my friends that have a YouTube channel and uploads videos.

I love music and especially from my favorite rapper which is Lil Uzi Vert. All his albums are fire. Every time I clean, I would play his music which makes it so much fun for me to clean, I get hyped up. Lil Uzi is a unproblematic person he shows that he loves his fans he takes pictures with them he know how to talk to them as if they’ve been knowing each other and in a way I feel like me and him are alike. One time a fan needed help for college and Uzi made sure if he will do full years so that he can pay for it, and he ended up helping his supporter, Uzi is such a helpful person in my eyes. I like painting on clothes/shoes well customizing them. I have patience to draw then paint on the clothes especially if the fabric isn’t corroborating well, I still managed to stay my coo. I have already customized my families and friends’ clothes and they loved it, I also tried to make a business out of it but I’ve been to busy with school so usually I don’t have time anymore.

The reason I have Valentines Day on there is because my birthday is on Valentines Day. I like valentines day not because it’s my birthday also because there is so much love in the air, especially because I feel like the chocolates and candies taste 10x better on that day, and I feel like teachers be in a good mood that day and sometimes give out treats. I love Takis when it’s my Birthday/Christmas I always get Takis as gifts because that is how you know my friends and family know I love Takis. I don’t think I have ever gotten tired of eating Takis. Speaking of Takis I have one right in front of me and will enjoy eating it while watching Netflix. Now Warzone, Warzone is a video game, when I play by myself, I play pretty good but when I play with friends I suck to the max! I love playing it especially with my friends because they make it 10x fun. I usually play it when I have free time, and I might just play right now, to be honest I use to be obsessed with the game when I first played it but now I play when I have time. In conclusion, this my collage and how it visually represents me.

Top Photographer

   There are five photographers from across the United States that went to compete and prove. Roxy Rodriguez does fashion photography. Chris Palermo does travel and documentary work. Jamiya Wilson is a beauty photographer. Scott Gorrero is a commercial photographer. Andrew Kerns is a life style photography. The first thing they did is try to take a picture of a sport, which was fencing his name is Miles. Roxy was the best photograph, and Andrew was sent back home which means he lost. The second episode was to try to take a beauty photograph. The best photo was Jamiya’s and Chris was sent home. The two people that were almost voted out was Scott and Roxy. Scott first round showed too much shadow so it was too dark, and Roxy’s picture showed too much of the background and it just wasn’t it. My thoughts on being a photographer is that you have to have a good setting for what kind of pictures you’re going to be taking, you have to take the most photos as possible even though you think it’s “enough”, you have to take a picture of it like it has a story to it, and last but not least you have to have fun while taking photographs.

Framing A Subject

Little boy in text

AP: 1.7 ISO: 25 S: 1/120

Leaf and boys eyes

AP: 1.7 ISO: 32 S: 1/120

I believe I do have a strong composition because look at how clear, good lighting and how focused they are also I don’t know if you can tell but I lighten around the heart I think it looks pretty cool. I believe I edited my photographs pretty well. What I would do differently if I shot this assignment again is get better framing and not take the pictures in the backyard, because my backyard is ugly. I would take the pictures next time in my front yard but just maybe wait until the sun goes down a bit because the sun hits the front yard a lot. To be honest I don’t know if my photographs should belong on the blog home page because its not as perfect, and I feel like there is more people that have a way better photograph than me. In conclusion, I do not think my photographs should be considered one of the best from all the photo classes, because I know there’s other kids that actually have good talent in taking pictures.

File Formats

JPEG (Joint Photographic Exerts Group): They are compressed quickly in the camera, and thus result in a loss of detail and quality, and they are set up to store as many images on the memory card as possible and they have better quality.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format): These file formats are uncompressed, and they are much bigger files, so TIFF is the highest image quality level in camera.

RAW: This means you can adjust your image after it has been taken, and this is the best option if you want to get the best file from your camera, but it will require plenty of memory card and considerable post-processing time.

DNG (Digital Negative Format): This is an attempt to create a standard raw file format across all manufacturers and cameras, but this does have a problem and it is that in years to come you may be unable to access them.

PNG (Portable Network): Are ideal for use on the internet, good thing is that the quality doesn’t mean big file size, and this allows for partial.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format): This is ideal for use on the internet kind of similar to PNG, but this only contains a maximum of 256 colors and aren’t the nest choice for photos.

BMP (Bitmap): This is used for the Windows platform but is now recognized by programs on Macs, but this does provide high quality file.

PSD (Photoshop Document): This allows for manipulation on specific individual layers, rather than on the main image itself, and this gives greater flexibility and the ability to fine tune an image as layers can be added.

Drive Swim

Car on ocean and fish flying


Who inspires me in my blog post is Jerry Uelsman. His work is real life like realistic. The other surrealist artists use like a cartoon version or painting, but Jerry doesn’t. Jerry edits his photos and puts them together with other photos. I feel like his pictures have actual meaning to them, lessons, inspirations and motivations. It shows that anybody can understand what the artist is trying to say. His style is making things that aren’t understandable but makes sense. You can also tell he has a style which is making his pictures black and white. In conclusion, this is why I chose Jerry Uelsman.

Outdoor Natural Light Portraits

5 tips I learned how to photograph great portraits are:

  1. 3 very simple and important things that improves photography. Which will be including portraits is proper exposure, white balance, and sharp focus.
  2. Eyes are important to get a visual focus to the soul. Which should be the focal point of any good portrait, they are sharpest element on the face, when you focus onto the eyes the lens bokeh will aid in softening the skin as well.
  3. Shoot wide open for shallow depth of field, use f/2.8 or f/4, for natural light. Never ever shoot a portrait at less than 500mm, try to stay at 70mm or higher.
  4. Shoot in RAW. Raw is an unmodified compilation of your sensor’s data during the time of exposure, with raw you can make a vast range of edits.
  5. Rule of thirds: subjects’ eye. Include good texture: position your subject against a background which has contrasting texture. Fill Your Frame: Compose your shot to the subject’s face fills the frame which shows good texture from persons face features. Leading lines: direct viewers eyes to your intended focal point.

AP: 1.7 ISO: 20 S: 1/384 FL: 300mm


AP: 1.7 ISO: 20 S: 1/286 FL:135mm

Camera Modes

Automatic mode: This mode will tell your camera to use its best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot that it can. There is some camera auto modes that let you override flash or change it to red eye reduction.

Portrait Mode: This will give you an automatically select aperture and sets a good depth of field. This works best when it’s a single subject so get close enough so that your photographing the head/shoulders also when shooting into the sun, trigger your flash to add a little light onto their face.

Marco Mode: You can move closer to the subject, its great for shooting small objects. Keep the camera and the object your photographing parallel, and don’t use your cameras built in flash when photographing close up objects or they’ll be burnt out.

Landscape Mode: This sets the camera up with a small aperture to make sure as much of scene you’re photographing will be in focus as possible. It’s ideal for capturing shots wide scene, for those with points of interest at different distances from the camera.

Sports Mode: This is taking pictures for moving objects, this is also called “action mode” in other cameras, this is designed for people playing, pets, cars, wildlife etc. Sport mode attempts to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed, fast moving subjects can also increase your chances of capturing them with panning of your camera along with the subject by attempting to pre focus your camera on a spot.

Night Mode: You can create some wonderfully colorful and interesting shots. Night mode is for shooting in low light situations and sets your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help capture details of the background, but it also fires off a flash to illuminate the foreground.

Movie Mode: Extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones. These moving images take up more space on your memory storage than the still images.

Aperture Priority Mode [A or Av]: This is semi- automatic where you choose the aperture, then your camera chooses the other settings to ensure you have a well-balanced exposure. Small numbers mean the opposite aperture is large, and the depth of field will be small, and which means your camera will probably choose a faster shutter speed.

Shutter Priority Mode [S or Tv]: This is similar to aperture priority mode. You can use slow shutter speed in low light situations.

Program Mode [P]: This is on some digital cameras have this priority mode in addition to auto mode. The program mode is different from Automatic in you particular model.

Full Manual Mode: This mode is full control over your camera and just have to think about all the settings. You should have an idea of what you’re doing in manual mode so most digital camera owners tend to stick to one priority modes.

Conceptual Self Portrait


Pants and Paint

AP: 1.7 ISO: 64 S:1/15

Defining the word “conceptual” means that it’s relating to or based on mental concepts. To put it in a more understanding way, it means that it’s those who are identified a cause or reason for the size of the fraction either referring to a mental model of fractions. This photo I took of the pants and the paintings conceptually and visually represents me because I am creative, patient, and a calm person. When you paint you have to have lots of patience to it. It shows I’m creative because I make up my drawings and add more details to them. I know I’m a calm person because when I paint and make a mistake I don’t get mad I get upset but I don’t do anything that causes a trigger, I try to either fix it or leave it and make something out of it, and that’s where creativity comes in. I know there’s a lot of people that draw or paint but what I do is on clothing’s and it’s much harder because it depends on the fabric. Most fabrics on clothes are so hard and some are easy but when I do the hard ones trust me, I keep it calm and don’t give up easily. I believe from out of my friends group I’m the only one that paints on clothes and they think it’s so cool that they would want me to do it on there’s. When my friends compliment my drawing/painting on clothes I feel better about myself and may want to make a business out of it. I love my friends and families and even strangers support. In conclusion, this is something that conceptually and virtually represents me, and there are other things, but I decided this one is unique in a way. Thank you.


This is my favorite photo of Cindy Sherman’s work. I think the reason that it’s my favorite picture is because it’s a clown and I like clowns also because it looks pretty funny. In my opinion of Cindy Sherman’s work, I think it’s unique. It’s cool that she has her own little series about it. All her photos are her but looking like a whole complete person. I believe the reason she got so famous is her creativity in her photos and the uniqueness. In conclusion, I don’t think I’ve seen people take pictures like these before, and they should because it’s awesome to look at!

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