Portrait Tips

Five tips you learned about making portraits with personality:

  1. Think of a way how you can truly portray the unique personality or a special characteristic of the subject.
  2. You don’t have to tell them to say “cheese” getting a photo you have to take it naturally of the pose to create a story, this would bring magic to a still image.
  3. When you take the actual colors of a photo and change it into black and white that would hold good texture, shape, and light, and try to use glamor or drama on the portrait which will pop more.
  4. Black and white isn’t the only way to make your portrait pop more, you can leave the colors because they represent mood, and personality. So, make sure to pay attention to what your subject is wearing, the color of the background and how those two colors complement each other.
  5. Look at the objects around them, things around them can change the way we see the world.

My Inspiration

10 things that inspire my creativity:

  1. Social Media
  2. Music
  3. Painting
  4. Playing Video Games
  5. Watching TV
  6. Hanging With Friends
  7. Sleeping in a way/Naps
  8. Cleaning
  9. Doing My Nails
  10. Walking Around My Block

Candid Moments/Photojournalism


App: Snapseed This is my brother. He is in his online class. He is in my moms room because that is the only place where he can hear silence and focus in his class and do work. There is 3 of us including my parents, me in my room focusing in class, my other little brother focusing in class in their room, and him in my moms room, then my parents in the kitchen and living room.

Boy laying down

App: Snapseed This is my little brother, he’s laying down in bed, on online class, in his room, because that’s the only place where he can hear and pay attention to the teacher without distractions.

Mom cooking

App: Snapseed This is my mother, she’s cooking in the kitchen, because she cooks while we are in class so once we are out of school she can feed us and then relax, like take a little day off sorta.

The meaning of Journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast. Journalists are like storytellers. They would often write and report news stories about everything, from social issues and politics to sports and entertainment. They are sort of like Newspaper. Journalists would present information so that the folks can inform opinions and make prudent decisions. The equipment’s that the journalisms would use are friendly full-frame models, such as a Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D600, offer full HD video and a jack for an off-camera microphone. This what I’ve seen online from the meaning and what they use for photojournalism.

These are Henri Cartier Bresson work. My opinion of his timing, I think is perfect! Look at how sharp these two photographs came out. The one with the baby he really captured the moment, the baby seems happy to be with his father while he’s being held up in the air. The father also seems happy holding his baby, they are both happy together. The baby was as well looking into the camera probably because he saw him taking a photo of them or he asked them to do it again? Who knows. The the second picture you can totally tell he captured the moment, because these kids are playing. It as well really sharp it doesn’t have no blur of speed. He probably took so many pictures and then picked out the best one. This photo doesn’t seem like the guy asked them to pretend “playing”, no it seems like he actually took many photos of children playing. These two photos he edited them into black and white which seems like they have more of a story behind it, or maybe because this was taken a long time ago with an old camera. In conclusion, those are the two photographs that I very much enjoy, and capture the moment!


  1. Portrait photography- They focus on capturing a person’s likeness, mainly their face. For posing is important of the portrait photography. To get a photograph of a portrait the person will often pose or sit in a certain way. The average pay would be $36,290 a year.
  2. Photojournalism- I say this is kind of a Newspaper article photograph, but not really. It is the art or practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines. It would also have a story to it while they travel and take images, when they go on a “journey”. Average pay would be $43,000 per year.
  3. Pet Photography- This is a photographer that combine love of animals with technical skills. A lot of people get interested in displaying photos of people’s pet, and those people are willing to pay a premium for high-quality images. The average pay that they make is $36,685 a year.
  4. Wedding Photography- This is a big business and very specialized type of photography. It involves taking photographs of wedding ceremonies and participants. The average pay is $44,042.
  5. Sports Photography- This can refer to the genre of photography that covers all types of sports. They work for newspapers, magazines, Web sites and photo stock agencies to bring photos of event of all sizes to pages of periodicals, the internet or other publications. The average pay is $37,189 based on 16 salaries.
  6. Nature Photography- This is taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-up of natural scenes and textures. The average pay is $22k-55k per year.
  7. Adventure Photography- This is adventures which is taken place outdoors. It’s a niche by stunning landscapes, dynamic personalities, and challenging shooting conditions. The average pay is $39,309 a year.
  8. Commercial Photography- This will be taking photographs of products or individuals, that will be used to sell a product or a service. They are usually employed by a brand or a company, to promote their product or services. The average total is $40,852 based on 171 salaries.
  9. Fashion Photography- They are responsible for how clothing is presented an advertising campaigns, catalogues and fashion magazines. The average is between $27,500 to $46,000.
  10. Documentary Photography- Is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events and often used in reportage. The average pay is $46,834 a year.

The field that I can see myself working in someday would be Nature Photography. The reason I say this field is because when I was little, I use to take a lot of photos of insects, plants, and a lot of other things that would take place outside. The lighting outside is as well very natural, and I like how it makes photos pop out clear and beautiful with good texture. Honestly if I really had to choose a field it would be that one but when I get older, I don’t think I would work for that as my job. In conclusion, I would probably take photos only when I would feel like it, or when it catches my attention but I wouldn’t do it as a job.

Shoot Like Aaron Siskind





I like this work of his because it has a sort of a pattern to it. His work is focus on nature, architecture and human form. In my opinion I like his work, they are basic but clean, I don’t know how to describe as much, but he sets mostly all his photos in black and white which makes them 10x more interesting to look at.

History of Photography Timeline

The Camera obscuras impressed me because it looks so funny to me on how they used to take a photo. The cameras also looks so basic and simple but on using it, it looks kind of difficult to take. I know its a box but then again it looks like a silver like a metal box if that makes sense. I wonder if people carried this thing around like on their hands or they move it around with a moving table. I also wonder if people would ask for a picture and how much they would charge them.

What impressed me is how Talbot created something that’s a permanent image called calotype. How they would create it as well sounds like too much work and a little bit difficult. He used images using soaked in silver chloride and fixed with a salt solution. He has basically created positive images by contact printing onto another sheet of paper. This is really cool that he thought of this ide and created it. I guess without his idea photography wouldn’t really exist right.

I’m guessing in 2005 Canon EOS 5D was first created. It’s a first consumer-priced full-frame digital SLR, with a 24x36mm CMOS sensor worth $3000! I actually used to have that camera nd it worked pretty good but I didn’t really know how to use it so I sold it to my cousin. I’m not sure if it was this exact camera but I’m guessing it was, because it looked a lot alike, like that camera in the picture of the Powerpoint, but I’m not sure. My brother does have a canon camera but it isn’t like that big, it’s a very small basic camera. I use it mainly to record I don’t take pictures on it, neither does he, he only films himself working out the gym I have no idea why maybe to see progress.

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